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Norman Meier Work And Company History

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Norman Victor Meier Pictures
Norman Meier, or Norman Victor Meier, or Norman V. Meier, or Victor Meier, or Victor Burrell or Victor Burrell-Meier, or Dr. Norman V. Meier and even Norman Meir, all of these names are the same person. The reason for using “Burrell” is because his wife’s name is Ursula Burrell-Meier.

Work history and all companies Norman V. Meier has incorporated or was involved with.
– Canaccord Capital
– Man Investments

Company Logos

  • NOEME Investment (No longer exists)
  • LEAP Institute – Swiss Equity Trust (no longer exists)
  • Corumel, PWM AG (Is now Centauros) (Eddie or Edwin Meier and Norman Meier)
  • MASS Petroleum, EXTOL Energy (MASS Petroleum connected to Penny Stock Fraud,
  • Norman Meier, Jordan Shapiro and Chad P Smanjak)
  • Wave Uranium, FBC (Court documents on fraud)
  • Norman Meier International (Website is being updated since 5 Sept 2013)
  • Wylie Foundation (non registered charity by Norman Meier)
  • Monte Cristo Gold (no longer exists)
  • Glyva Investment GmbH (no longer exists)
  • Hemis Corporation (Millions of losses and bankrupt)
  • Tecton Uranium Corporation (Millions of losses and bankrupt, run by Norman Meier,
  • Clive Massey, Jordan Shapiro)
  • Swiss Partners Group or Swissalis AG (bankrupt)
  • Sirius (no longer exists)
  • Allegra (no longer exists)
  • Aurum (Active under the mgmt. of George Kuenzli)
  • Stratos Gold Corporation (no longer exists)
  • Sedona (Maybe still exists…)
  • Condor Gold (no longer exists, formerly run by Clive Massey and Norman Meier)
  • Mineralogics Corporation (no longer exists)
  • XBF (no longer exists, Joerg Zielasek and Norman Meier)
  • HiQ Consulting Inc. (is now a Transgender store)
  • Athena Capital Partners (sanctioned by FINRA 4 Million in losses and bankrupt)
  • American Incorporation Services or Nevada Business Experts (run by Natasha Waite,
  • Joerg Zielasek is now Sharon Zielasek, and Norman Meier)
  • Refco Minerals (No longer exists, Natasha Waite, Clive Massey, Norman Meier)
  • Aviara Mining Inc. (No longer exists, Natasha Waite, Clive Massey, Norman Meier,
  • Jakob Ogdahl)
  • United Oil and Gas (2013 venture of Norman Meier with Philippe Wagner)
  • Westbridge Oil (2013 venture of Norman Meier)
  • Monte Cristo Oil (2013 venture of Norman Meier, Director Richard Wendler is Norman’s
  • Friend)
  • United Petroleum Partners (2013 venture of Norman Meier, Director Richard Wendler is
  • Norman’s Friend)
  • Tristar Energy (2013 venture of Norman Meier with Philippe Wagner)
  • Shrink Nanotechnologies (2013 venture of Norman Meier)
  • Windfire Capital Corp. (Clive Massey and ex Norman Meier)
  • SMA Swiss Management Academy Inc. (Run by Norman’s father, Eddie or Edwin Meier
  • and George Kuenzli)
  • IPO Vision Inc. (Norman Meier, however no business yet)
  • Horizon Equity B Inc. (Norman Meier, however no business yet)
  • Ecologics Corporation (as Victor Meier, no business yet)
  • Novodermica Corporation (as Victor Meier, no business yet)
  • Syngentis Corporation ( Norman Meier, no business yet)
  • Lionex Corporation (Norman Meier, no business yet)

You will find a ton of information in this blog, some are straightforward and some are a bit more complicated to comprehend. It is also difficult since most links; logos and people suddenly disappear on the web, that’s why there are a lot of screen shots for proof.
Norman Meier considers anything negatively written about him to be “false allegations”, yet
never proves with facts that they really are false. In this blog you will find a lot of facts that he simply cannot deny. And he has had the chance many times to prove that people writing stuff about him are wrong. However instead of setting the records straight he copy pastes his own claims from his website at, and brags about his achievements. However his achievements are either phony or simply a lie. He has a fake PhD, MBA and BBA, his books are poorly written or copied from Brian Tracy. We will get into all the details further along the way.

Let’s make a list of key players in his past, present and possible future.

  • Norman Victor Meier, Norman Burrell-Meier, Victor Burrell, Victor Meier (all the same) has a PhD in Human Behavior from Newport University
  • Jordan Shapiro (Hudson Capital is his company but he has many and he was involved in everything Norman Meier did up until 2008)
  • Chad Smanjak (Convicted Fellon)
  • Penny Green (Attorney for all Norman Meier’s former Companies, Hemis, Tecton etc)
  • Jason Jadidian (Stock promoter for Tecton)
  • Micah Eldred (Island Stock Transfer/Spartan, now owns Tecton)
  • Robert Weicker (fraudulent Geologist, for Condor Gold and Aviara Mining, sanctioned by authority)
  • Natasha Waite (Incorporated most of Norman Meier’s companies and was or is a part of them)
  • Dr. Prof. Eddie or Edwin Meier (Has an unaccredited school, which Norman Meier has his PhD, MBA and BBA from. Eddie also has a PhD in Human Behavior from Newport University)
  • George Kuenzli (Is in charge of Aurum and a part of Newport and SMA Swiss Management Academy, also has a PhD in Human Behavior from Newport University, his own school)
  • Clive Massey (They go back to Tecton, Condor Gold and Windfire capital corp)
  • Philippe Wagner (worked for Benk Finance, which was a shady business, he now works with Norman Meier “indirectly” for Tristar Energy, Westbridge Oil and Gas, Lion Consulting Group and United Oil and Gas).
  • Joerg Zielasek (worked with Norman Meier at Athena Capital Partners, which is now sanctioned by FINRA, than they incorporated American Incorporation Services and HiQ Consulting, however Joerg Zielasek suddenly disappeared and a “Sharon Zielasek” appeared on the documents, wonder why? HiQ Consulting changed their name and is now a transgender store in Switzerland, Joerg is now Sharon.

Norman Meier’s Incorporations

Over 40 companies Norman V. Meier mainly incorporated, was the CEO or had affiliations with them. He is 38 years old and has had over 40 companies? One normal human being may work their whole life for not even a quarter that amount of different companies. How come Norman V. Meier can have such an extensive work history? One could assume that he moves on to new ventures once one is not working or if one has a bad reputation. If we now investigate more into his work past and present you will get to learn more about Norman V. Meier as well as a whole bunch of people he is connected with. We are looking back 10 years of history of Norman V. Meier. If you start at the top he worked for AWD Switzerland, Canaccord Capital and Man Investments, if you search for those companies, they are legit.
However one dubious subject is his education. He has been calling himself Dr. Norman V.
Meier for a long time, has been accused online of using a fake PhD yet he has never proven to the world that he truly has one. If he really had a legitimate PhD he could easily diffuse all the suspicion and allegations by posting his dissertation. After 5 years he still has not taken a stand regarding this. On the subject, his PhD in Human Behavior and his MBA and his BBA he received from a School called Newport University Switzerland. However if one delves into the investigation of this so called “University” it is not legitimate. And digging further you can find out that the owners of that school were in fact his own father Dr. Prof. Edwin (or Eddie) Meier, who surprisingly also has a PhD in Human Behavior, we will get more into Eddie Meier’s past and present later. And Eddie’s best friend George Kuenzli also worked at Newport University who also has a PhD in Human Behavior. Funny how all 3 people from that University have the same PhD, I wonder if any of them have a dissertation? If one looks at Norman Victor Meier’s work history and CV it is hard to believe that he was able to get a PhD, BBA and MBA all while working full time at the above mentioned companies.

Corumel Minerals Corp. – PWM AG – Centauros
Norman Meier and Edwin Meier (Unfortunately this is in German, however this information is exactly the explanation of Corumel and the connections between Norman Meier and his father)
Manchmal macht es Sinn, sich mit der Vorgeschichte eines Unternehmens zu
beschäftigen. Corumel wird seit Oktober 2005 an der OTC (Pink Sheets) gehandelt,
insgesamt sind 9,27 Mio Aktien im Umlauf. Die Firma macht seit Gründung 2002 keinen
Umsatz und ist somit eine der vielen Papierleichen am OTC-Markt, die nur eines windigen
Promotors bedürfen, um die wertlosen Aktien unters Volk zu bringen. Einziger “Besitz” der
Firma: Schürfrechte auf 363 acre (1,47km²!!!!) in British Columbia/ Kanada, was man
sich für ca. 1000$ kaufen kann. Am 1.April 2004 (sic!) verkaufte der damalige Präsident
der Fa. alle seine 5,5 Mio Aktien an insgesamt 9 Investoren, darunter die schweizerische
PWM AG. Diese übernahm 2,910,580 Aktien, und war damit Mehrheitsaktionär. Anschließend wurde
wohl noch eine Kapitalerhöhung beschlossen, so dass mittlerweile 9,7 Mio Aktien im
Umlauf sind. Dies passierte vor dem Listing an der OTC, somit sind die Eigner dieser
Papiere nicht nachvollziehbar. Allerdings wurden umgehend 3 Schweizer zu Direktoren
ernannt: 1. Baron von Wullerstorff-Urbair has been an architectural engineer since 1968
and is currently the CEO of PWM AG. Ein Bauingenieur und Chef der PWM AG mit
Adelstitel. 2. Professor Meier has been the Dean at the SBS Swiss Business School since
1993 and is currently the President and a professor at the SMA Swiss Management
Academy. Angeblich ehemaliger Dekan der SBS (konnte nicht geprüft werden, aber eine
Mail an die SBS könnte da Klarheit schaffen: (Sie können diese E-Mail Adresse erst sehen,
wenn Sie mindestens Premium-User sind.)) und jetzt Professor der Swiss Management
Academy, über die nichts anderes bekannt ist, dass sie ihren Sitz in Nairobi/Kenia hat.
Hochinteressante Website: Am 11.4.2004 war er in einer Mitteilung der
Firma an die staatliche Börsenaufsicht SEC übrigends noch Dr. Meier. 3. Mr. Christen has been an independent
business consultant since 1995 and was a lawyer prior to that for 35 years focusing on
construction law. Ein (ehemaliger?) Rechtsanwalt mit Schwerpunkt Baurecht und seit
1995 Firmenberater. Ich frage mich halt immer, was machen solche Leute als Direktoren
einer Goldminengesellschaft? Ich weiß es nicht, aber ganz sicher ist eins: Im Sep.04 hat
die EBK (Eidgenössiche Bankenkommission) gleich über drei im Kanton SZ ansässigen
Finanzgesellschaften Lobaye Gold AG, PWM AG und Thuringia Finanz & Treuhand AG,
wegen unbewilligter Tätigkeit mit sofortiger Wirkung den Konkurs verhängt.
Siehe auch: Also im September
2004 geht der Mehrheitsaktionär der Corumel in Konkurs, und über den Verbleib der
Aktien ab diesem Zeitpunkt kann nur spekuliert werden. Sicher ist hingegen, dass sie zu
diesem Zeitpunkt nichts wert waren, andernfalls wäre das Konkursverfahren ja nicht
eröffnet worden, wenn die PWM AG irgendwelche Vermögensgegenstände gehabt hätte.
Die 3 oben erwähnten Herren waren auch Direktoren der PWM AG, die nach damaliger
Auskunft Alleinaktionär der Corumel war:…e=8&date=040402 Am 11.4.2004 traten der
Baron und der Firmenpromotor zurück, neue Chefs der Firma sind jetzt der Professor einer
nichtexistenten Akademie in Kenia, der “Präsident” der zentralafrikansichen (genau,
Stichwort Bokassa) Kommission für Entwickling und Förderung, Mr. Didier Llinas, und Mr.
Chris Roth. Mr Since 2004, Mr. Llinas has been a managing director of Lobaye Gold SARL,
a mineral exploration company operating in the Republic of Central Africa. From 1999 to
2003, Mr. Llinas was a managing director of SECOMA, another mineral exploration
company operating in the Republic of Central Africa. Lobaye Gold war auch in der Schweiz
ansässig und ging ebenfalls in Konkurs(s.o.). There is no family relationship among the
directors or officers with the exception that Norman Meier is the son of Dr. Edwin
Meier. Schön gesagt. Prof Meier holt seinen Sohn on die Firma und der ist seit Januar
2005 Chef von Corumel, nachdem er bei mehreren Brokern in den USA und Kanada
gelernt hat, wie man Leuten Aktien verkauft. Anschließend war er Geschäftsführer des
LEAP Instituts, später umbenannt in Swiss Equity Trust GmbH (Geschäftszweck: die
Erbringung von Dienstleistungen aller Art in den Bereichen
Finanzberatung,Verkaufstechnik, Coaching, strategische Beratung und
Motivationspsychologie) die keineswegs bei der EBK registriert- wie uns die offizielle
Benachrichtigung an die Börsenaufsicht über den Wechsel der Führungskräfte Glauben
machen will. Zwischenzeitlich heißt die
Firma auch nicht mehr Corumel, sondern CENTAUROS CORP.(OTCBB:CORU.OB), ein
Schelm, wer Böses dabei denkt. Also: Irgend jemand hat sich aus der Konkursmasse der
PWM AG die wertlosen Aktien gesichert, unter Aufbringung von 15.000 $ an der OTC
registrieren lassen, und seit Oktober 2005 die wertlosen Aktien unters gutgläubige Volk
gebracht. Beteiligt der Proffessor(?) einer Akademie in Kenia, sein Sohn (geschult in
Motivationspsychologie, mit Brokerkenntnissen) und ein Zentralafrikanischer Politiker. Seit
dem 1.4.2005 gibt es einen neuen Chef: Chris Roth, eigentlich Christoph, gelobt als
ehemaliger Chef einer Arbeitsvermittlungsfirma: AG in Liquidation, in
Stans, CH-400.3.003.712-0, durch Konkurs aufgelöst, Erbringung aller Dienstleistungen in
den Bereichen allgemeine Kommunikation usw., Aktiengesellschaft (SHAB Nr. 84 vom 05.
05. 2003, S. 9, Publ. 976366). In deren Besiztz brachte sich Herr Roth durch den Ankauf
eines Firmenmantels der Dolle AG in Neuenhof, Herstellung von Holzzäunen. Haus und
Grundstück der Firma des Chefs sind mittlerweile versteigert. Also nochmal, seit 4.7. 2005 ist der
pleite gegangene Christoph Roth- noc_’n Schweizer- Chef bei Corumel. Ende Oktober
2005 (24.10) wird Corumel gelistet und erstmalig mit 0,05$ notiert. Am 27.10. 2005
verschmilzt Corumel mit RCA Resources Corporation zu Centauros Corporation. Was Corumel wert ist, wissen wir: nix.
Und genausoviel wissen wir über die RCA, nur dass sie sich mit der Exploration von
Diamanten, Gold, Platin und Palladium beschäftigt- in Zentralafrika? Am 17. 10.2005
engagiert Corumel bereits eine Werbeagentur für 30.000 $ pro Quartal plus 650.000
Aktien. Wert der Firma lt. letztem
Quartalsbericht: Minus 117.000$!!!! Per 30.9.2005!!!! Da der Verschmelzungsprozess mit RCA unter
diversen Vorbehalten steht, ist die Firma also nix wert. Aber die Werbeagentur und diverse
Berater verkaufen die Aktien wie warme Semmeln: Der Aktienkurs steigt bis auf 2,60$,
aktuell liegt er bei 2,00$. Bislang wurden 450.100 Aktien für ca. 653.588 $ unte_’s Volk
gebracht. Wo ein Käufer ist, muss auch ein Verkäufer sein, und der hat jetzt 653.588$
mehr. Verkaufen kann an der OTC nur einer, der die Aktien hat. Wer hat 9,27 Mio Aktien?
SEC Form 8-K Corumel Minerals Corp.


If you just google Norman V. Meier or Norman Meier and Hemis Corp you will find a ton of
information, also on rip off report.
According to Hemis Corp Form 10-Q for the quarterly period ended March 31. 2008 these are the following information:
There are three costs that seem to be the main ones, COMMISSION, COMPENSATION and
Exploration Expenditures. There is also a cost of $433’540.00 for “other expenses”. There are
way more commissions and compensation costs than exploration expenditures.
And than there are such costs as Stratos Gold payments of $40’000 and $75’000, which are
loans that are non-interest bearing and due on demand. The Company’s 2 DIRECTORS have
voting control of Stratos.
Hemis paid Tecton $955’083 and $952’677 again the advance is non-interest bearing and is
due on demand. The Company’s 2 directors have voting control over Tecton.
How can Hemis be paying out loans on demand from companies that also belong to the same people?
Now this is the HIGHLIGHT!!
As shown in the accompanying condensed consolidated financial statements, for the period
February 9th 2005 (date of inception) to March 31, 2008, the company accumulated LOSSES
So let’s recapture here, Norman Meier claims to have not sold a single share however had
management agreements and somehow made over 24 million dollars disappear? And this is only Hemis Corporation, there was also Tecton.
Expenses for 3 months $408’702.00 in general admin expenses, $1’253’967.00 for CONSULTING FEES! And
54’885.00 for PROFESSIONAL FEES. From February 9th, 2005 (date of inception) to March 31. 2008, we incurred total GENERAL and ADMINISTRATIVE expenses of $23’761’099.00 (TWENTYTHREE MILLION SEVENHUNDRED AND SIXTYONE THOUSAND NINETYNINE)
$24’081’890.00 was mainly funded through equity financing. From February 9th, 2005 (date of inception) to March 31. 2008, we have raised an aggregate of $7’134’150 from the SALE of
our common stock, net of shares issuance costs. All the exploration forecasts seem to be only estimates, very high estimates, for example the estimate for the year going forward is over $8 million however in the past nothing near that amount was ever spent on exploration….

This could be a possibility on how they made their money; instead of selling the shares they raised money, made consulting agreements (between the company and themselves or other companies they also owned) and got paid as many consulting fees as agreements.
In addition to consulting agreements, they paid themself also a salary and management fees from each company:
Norman Meier got a salary of $20’000 and a Management fee of $10’000 per months, for 20%
of time of work in the business for Tecton.
SEC info – Hemis Corp – SB-2- On 4/18/07-EX-23.1
Consent of independent registered certified public accounting firm

To: Hemis Corporation

As independent registered certified public accountants, we hereby consent to the incorporation
by reference in this FORM SB-2 Registration Statement, of our report, which includes and
explanatory paragraph regarding the SUBSTANTIAL DOUBT about the Company’s ability to
continue as a going concern, dated March 30th 2007 relating the consolidated financial
statements of Hemis Corporation and to the reference to our Firm under the caption “Experts” appearing in the Prospectus.

This was written in 2007 and the company went on and managed to have losses of OVER 24
million dollars.
Hemis Consulting Agreements Exhibit Number Exhibit Description
3.1 Certificate (Articles) of Incorporation as filed with the Nevada Secretary of State on February 9, 2005 (1)
3.2 Certificate of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation filed April 28, 2006 (1)
3.3 Bylaws (1)
4 Instrument Defining the Right of Holders – Form of Share Certificate (1)
10.1 Santa Rita Option Agreement (1)
10.2 Letter Agreement for Santa Rita with Corex Gold Corporation dated January 29, 2007 (5)
10.3 El Tigre and Porvenir Option Agreement (1)
10.4 La Centela Option Agreement (2)
10.5 Addendum to La Centela Option Agreement (2)
10.6 Bruno Weiss Management Agreement (1)
10.7 Douglas Oliver Management Agreement (5)
10.8 Norman Meier Option Agreement (3)
10.9 Bruno Weiss Option Agreement (3)
10.10 Hudson Capital Corp. Consulting Agreement (1)
10.11 Amendment to Hudson Capital Corp. Consulting Agreement (4)
10.12 Agreement with Aspen Exploration Corporation (5)
10.13 Wolfe Creek and Covenant Properties Option Agreement (5)
10.14 Consulting Agreement with Dorado Inc. (5)
10.15 Consulting Agreement with Battle X Inc. (5)
10.16 Consulting Agreement with Westgate Corporation (5)
10.17 Consulting Agreement with Dr. Fuat Cirit (5)
10.18 Consulting Agreement with William Snoddy (6)
10.19 Services Agreement with Mineralogics Corporation (7)
10.20 Anchor Point Project Option Agreement with Condor Gold Corporation
10.21 Option Agreement with Monte Cristo Gold Corporation
10.22 Management Agreement with Norman Meier (1)
Here is some information about how people started to look at Norman
Meier after what he had done.

“The Swiss Tend To Be Touchy About Sleazy Scammers”
Junior Gold Company HMSO set to Soar!
In today’s markets gold is King and there is no better
place to make Significant Money than Junior gold companies.
Do a search on “junior gold company” and you will see that
they are Making a killing and so are the people who Follow
them.The key is, knowing which companies have the big potential.
We have found one that we believe is a winner.
Hemis Corp. (HMSO)
Currrent Price: $1.05
Tarrget Price: $3.10
Why is this getting our top rating?
* The second largest gold c company in the world has entered
into a join-venture Property agreement with HMSO.
* HMSO recently discovered Molybdenum mineralization at its
El Tigre property. Molybdenum has quadrupled in price
since 2002!
* Go to your favorite financial information source and see
for yourself – lots of positive releases.
* World class properties, Excellent financing, a winning
team of experts. The recipe for success!
TECTON Uranium Corporation
Let’s have a closer look at Tecton
$55’000 in commissions was paid to Canaccord Capital
$100’000 was paid to Hudson Capital (JORDAN SHAPIRO) for investors relations and
business development. Again exploration estimates are high and money paid out was not for exploration but more for management, consulting, commission, and other….
Our net loss of $3’376’665 from January 19th, 2006 (date of inception) to January 31. 2008
was funded by a combination of our equity and debt financing.
For the year ended January 31, 2008, we used net cash of $2’514’776 in operating activities,
and net cash of $987’904 in investing activities. The net cash used in investing activities
included a non-interest bearing loan of $953’080 to an entity AFFILIATED WITH US and
$34’824 in acquisition costs to purchase capital assets.
We plan to raise capital through private placements, a direct offering or loans.
Norman Meier got paid $10’000 per month, Hudson Capital (Jordan Shapiro) $5’000 per month and Sedona AG $5’000 consulting fee per month. And Clive Massey also $4’200 per month Tecton also loaned Hemis $953’079 also non-interest bearing.
Also something interesting:

Code of Ethics
We have not yet adopted a code of ethics that applies to our principal executive officer,
principal financial officer, principal accounting officer or controller, or persons performing
similar functions because we have not yet finalized the content of such a code.
This is from a report of an Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
The company has incurred losses since inception. These conditions raise substantial doubt
about the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern. The financial statements do not include any adjustments that might result from the outcome of this uncertainty.
One could come to the conclusion that there must have been offshore accounts where money was transferred.
Desperado, Cloudless (offshore accounts Cyprus and Marshall Islands?)
(Swiss Wealth Partners, SwissAlis, Generation 21 and Panatrust Treuhand (Victor Gallus & Andrea Stoeckli))
(3) Andrea Stöckli has voting and investment control over Cloudless Investment Ltd.
(4) Victor Gallus has voting and investment control over Desperado Ltd.

Jason Jadidian
Penny Green

Beacon Equity Research (Victor Sula PhD and Tecton)
MASS Petroleum – XTOL Energy – Laud Resources
The Norman Meier, Chad Smanjak connection
reactivated in 2011 by Jordan Shapiro)
Very interesting, Hudson Capital = Jordan Shapiro, Sedona AG = Norman Meier, and Chad
There has been a youtube video uploaded about Hemis Corporation in Las Vegas, where
Norman can be seen in a snap shot with Chad Smanjak.
All these websites lead to Mass Petroleum
A federal grand jury in Orange County indicted 37-year-old Chad Smanjak Wednesday on 10 counts of aiding
wire fraud and one count of money laundering.
Federal prosecutors say Smanjak fled to his native South Africa earlier this year and is considered a fugitive.
A federal grand jury in Santa Ana this week indicted Chad Peter Smanjak, 37, on 10 counts of
aiding wire fraud and one count of money laundering.
Smanjak fled to his native South Africa earlier this year after authorities executed a search
warrant and is considered a fugitive, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE), which is joined by the Office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the Internal
Revenue Service (IRS) in the criminal probe, with assistance from the Securities and
Exchange Commission (SEC).
Chad P. Smanjak, a citizen of the Republic of South Africa, is a stock promoter. Smanjak
directed Dynkowski’s manipulative trading, and controlled a series of Panamanian companies
that sold shares during the scheme.

Sedona AG

Jordan Shapiro
This man (Norman Meier) along with Jordan Shapiro and their attorney Penny Green took their
publicly traded companies and created what is called a “Pump and Dump”. What they did is
place out false information (paid news companies in some cases 7500 Beacon Equity) causing
the stock to increase significantly and they sell their stock and make money the stock
eventually tanks to nothing.
Now you should know that this was a shell company they did not own a piece of equiptment,
their mining leases were either sold off for profit and diverted into Mr. Meiers off shore
accounts. The entire Board of directors resigned, now Penny Green Atty at law files bogus
SEC filings. Mr. Meier and Mr. Shapiro made a loan for close to one million dollars from Tecton
Corp to Hemis Corp with out board approval and all the monies went into Meiers and Shapiros
accounts. Meier has a phony PHD, i have hired a Private investigation company and they
turned up so much fraud its not even funny. I have turned all of this over to the DOJ> Stay
away from these people, also George Kuenzli is part of this scam too. STAY AWAY FROM
Shapiro is involved with the following companies:
– Metropolitan Energy Corp
– Schwabo Capital Corp.
– Lornex Capitla Inc.
– Mass Petroleum
– Tecton Corp.
Website (no longer exists on the internet) :
Aviara Mining, Inc.
Location: Carlsbad
Industry: Venture Capital
Year Founded: 2011
Number Employees: 1-10 people
Business Stage: Creation/Idea
Entity Type: “C” Corporation
Description: Aviara Mining, Inc. is a minerals exploration and development company actively
working on projects in North America. Aviara aims to develop extensive surface and
subsurface mineralized zones while continuously acquiring high potential assets for its portfolio
of projects. Mineral exploration projects are evaluated and managed by a team of qualified
industry professionals. As gold is a limited global resource under increasing demand and
pressure from multiple applications, Aviara is committed to play an active role in exploring
valuable resources of gold, focused on the most important regions in North America.
Consequently, exploration projects should show a minimum of 250,000 oz. of gold to meet
Aviara’s technical standards. Preferably, Aviara will execute its business strategy by
acquiring formerly productive precious metals assets. Due to a long term decline in gold prices
that lasted from approximately 1980 until the beginning of the the 21st century, these assets
were often dismissed by the mining industry as being uneconomical and unworthy of
investment. Due to the huge growth in gold prices to all-time nominal highs and the
development of modern exploration and drilling techniques, these formerly productive assets
have never been more attractive. By acquiring these projects, Aviara will accumulate
substantial gold holdings at a significant discount to their true value – delivering maximum
returns to its shareholders.
GEOLOGIST – Robert Weicker
Aviara Mining’s Geologist has had a few run ins with the authorities it seems, here the most
recent article, there are more to be found on the internet:
Aviara Mining Blog:

Natasha Waite
Address (possibly old):
2390 Rising Glen Way Apt. 109
Carlsbad, CA 92008-2065
Experienced Human Resource Specialist
Carlsbad, California (Greater San Diego Area)
Management Consulting
Current: VP of Human Resources at HiQ Consulting, Inc.
Past: Office Manager at Eastbiz, Inc.
Natasha Waite’s Experience
VP of Human Resources
HiQ Consulting, Inc.
October 2011 – Present (4 months) Carlsbad, CA
Responsible for the people strategy and for providing proactive HR support. This role is
responsible for developing, managing, and ensuring all HR programs align with business goals
and building and sustaining a high performance workforce. This role is responsible for
managing and advising on all Human Resources policies and programs including recruitment,
employee relations, compensation and benefits, organizational development, talent
management, and learning and development.
Office Manager
Eastbiz, Inc.
July 2003 – December 2010 (7 years 6 months)
What did Natasha do between December 2010 and October 2011? She worked for
Athena Capital Partners Carlsbad as a Manager, however she changed her LinkedIn
page to not show that anymore.
Professional Bio
Advisor Name Natasha Waite
Individual CRD # 5921458
Registered Titles Broker-Dealer Agent
State Registrations California
Work History
Firm City State Start Date End Date
Athena Capital Partners, Inc. Tampa FL 1/3/11 Present
Why does Natasha have an individual CRD#? Neither this number nor Natasha Waite can be
found on the FINRA broker check.
Natasha’s new blog Blog (no longer exists)
Another blog – INVISABLE HELPER (The Executive Assistant to the Small Business Owner)
“Anytime something sounds too good to be true, the first place I check is the ripoff report. “
So she suggests first checking ripoff report if anything is on there. If you check for Hemis
Corporation, Tecton Corporation or Norman Meier you can find reports on ripoff.
This is another article about Natasha Waite
NV Annual Report for Natasha Waite
Principal Name Entity Name File Number Status Entity Type
Natasha Waite Refco Minerals Corporation E0610882009-5 Default Domestic Profit Corporation
Natasha Waite Tristar Energy Group Inc E0383152011-6 Active Domestic Profit Corporation
Natasha Waite Tristar Energy Group Inc E0383152011-6 Active Domestic Profit Corporation
Natasha Waite American Incorporation Services Inc E0386772011-3 Active Domestic Profit Corporation
Natasha Waite American Incorporation Services Inc E0386772011-3 Active Domestic Profit Corporation
Natasha Waite Aviara Mining Inc E0195312011-8 Active Domestic Profit Corporation
Natasha Waite Hiq Consulting, Inc. E0545872010-7 Active Domestic Profit Corporation
Official Carlsbad Address
1808 Aston Ave Suite # 260
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Tel: (760) 931-5800
Their website cannot be found anywhere anymore and their employees have changed their work
history on LinkedIn etc.
Maybe this is the reason why.
Norman Meier is not the owner of Athena Capital Partners, who he claimes to be on LinkedIn,
however his business partner, Joerg Zielasek was a part owner of the original Athena Capital
Partners in Florida. This could be the reason why they used this name and opened their sales
center in Carlsbad.
$4 million dollars in federal and state tax liens and civil judgments of
unpaid debts.

Norman Meier did register the domain name with an address that belongs to a Mark Chernov in Vancouver…..
Norman Meier
1118 Kings Ave
West Vancouver, BC V7T 2C3
Created on: 11-OCT-10
Expires on: 11-OCT-12
Last Updated on: 23-FEB-11
Administrative, Technical Contact:
1118 Kings Ave
West Vancouver, BC V7T 2C3
Athena Capital Partners, Inc. Broker-Dealer
Key Facts
Athena Capital Partners,
Legal Status
Compare Corporation Broker
CIK Number 1146147
Firm CRD # 116226
SEC Number 53541
SEC Registrations
 Registered Broker
Types of
Private placements of
Registered In:
State Registrations
New York
Athena Capital Partners, Inc. Employees
Full Name Location
Cimino, Kevin Tampa, FL
Meier, Norman Carlsbad, CA
Fleming, Jason Carlsbad, CA
Collins, Christopher Carlsbad, CA
Whitley, Joshua Carlsbad, CA
Alnajafi, Amer Carlsbad, CA
Mcguire, Elizabeth Tampa, FL
(Old/outdated information yet still interesting….)
If Athena Capital Partners was active with this many brokers, including Natasha Waite who has
a CRD# 5921458 on the internet but not registered with FINRA, how many investors invested
through them? What did they tell their investors? And what kind of projects did they invest in?
Windfire Capital Corp where Norman Meier was also a Director? In Refco Minerals where
Joerg Zielasek, Natasha Waite and Norman Meier were involved? Aviara Mining? And is HiQ
Consulting now the new Athena Capital Partners in Carlsbad?
Athena Capital Partners was a licensed broker through FINRA, however there is no
incorporation documents showing that Norman Meier ever was the owner. It is Kevin Cimino’s
Natasha Waite was the Manager at Athena Capital Partners Inc in Carlsbad now she is the VP
of Humane Resources at HiQ Consulting Inc.
Jakob Ogdahl was Manager at Athena Capital Partners, now he is Director of Investor
Relations & Business Development at HiQ and Aviara.
All the mentioned employees and others have individual broker numbers and they have been
recruited by Athena Capital Partners, there are many job postings from Carlsbad to be found
on the Internet. So one can come to the conclusion that several new hires were made in 2011
and they past their exams in order to sell products to investors.
West Coast Wall Street Conference in October 2011, before or after FINRA sanctioned them?
(left Dr. Norman Meier, right Jakob Ogdahl)
Athena Capital Partners
Financial Services industry
2010 – 2011 (1 year)
The principals of Athena Capital Partners, Norman Meier of Switzerland and Joerg Zielasek of Germany are
highly successful in private equity in Europe and are now expanding their reach into North America. Athena
Capital Partners/Carlsbad is their first entry into the North American private equity market and opened here in
December of 2010. We are very exclusive in our approach, only taking on perhaps four or five projects for an
entire year who are seeking equity capital typically in the $10mm+ range.
Jakob Ogdahl for Athena capital Partners and Aviara
If you are looking for capital please contact me. We are looking for strong companies and projects
to introduce to our pool of Swiss/European investors.
I look forward to hearing from you,
We are looking for strong projects/companies seeking capital. Please contact me at
Jakob Ogdahl
7143 Navajo Rd Apt 6201
San Diego, CA 92119-4609
(619) 460-1124
HiQ’s Jakob Ogdahl is actively looking for projects and has posted the following on some LinkedIn groups
and the internet.
I am looking for a project with an NI 43-101 completed in the last 12 months and ready for
Please contact me at
VP/SVP/Dept Head
Location: Carlsbad
Industry: Venture Capital
Year Founded: 2011
Number Employees: 1-10 people
Business Stage: Creation/Idea
Entity Type: “C” Corporation
Description: Aviara Mining, Inc. is a minerals exploration and development company actively
working on projects in North America. Aviara aims to develop extensive surface and subsurface
mineralized zones while continuously acquiring high potential assets for its portfolio of projects.
Mineral exploration projects are evaluated and managed by a team of qualified industry
professionals. As gold is a limited global resource under increasing demand and pressure from
multiple applications, Aviara is committed to play an active role in exploring valuable resources of
gold, focused on the most important regions in North America. Consequently, exploration projects
should show a minimum of 250,000 oz. of gold to meet Aviara’s technical standards.
Preferably, Aviara will execute its business strategy by acquiring formerly productive precious
metals assets. Due to a long term decline in gold prices that lasted from approximately 1980 until
the beginning of the the 21st century, these assets were often dismissed by the mining industry as
being uneconomical and unworthy of investment. Due to the huge growth in gold prices to all-time
nominal highs and the development of modern exploration and drilling techniques, these formerly
productive assets have never been more attractive. By acquiring these projects, Aviara will
accumulate substantial gold holdings at a significant discount to their true value – delivering
maximum returns to its shareholders.
Aviara Mining, Inc. is a minerals exploration and development company actively working on
projects in North America.
Aviara aims to develop extensive surface and subsurface mineralized zones, while continuously
acquiring high potential assets for its portfolio of projects. Aviara is currently raising capital to
start work on the Hixon Creek project. Please visit our website and download our company
broshure, or contact me directly at I look
forward to speaking with you
GEOLOGIST – Robert Weicker
Aviara Mining’s Geologist has had a few run ins with the authorities it seems, here the most recent
article, there are more to be found on the internet:

American Incorporation Services or Nevada Business
AMERICAN INC SERVICES (they deleted this and
it’s now Nevada Business Experts)
Our Team
He has a PhD in Human Behavior, an MBA and a BA, all from Newport University in
Switzerland. He holds two designations from the Canadian Securities Institute: a Canadian
Investment Manager Designation and a Derivatives Market Specialist Designation. He is a
member of the FCSI (Fellowship of the Canadian Securities Institute) in Canada. He is
also a member of the Fellowship of the Canadian Securities Institute. He has a financial
planning designation from AWD Switzerland and nine other finance diplomas.
Mr. Zielasek is a German national living in Switzerland. He holds a degree in engineering
and MBA from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany. After several years of working for
some of the largest German companies in, Mr. Zielasek found himself working in mergers
and acquisitions. He soon realized that his passion lay more in the business consulting
and financing of new companies.
Besides business development and consulting, he turned the consulting company into an
enterprise that also provided fundraising services for start-up companies. For the last ten
years he has been in the consulting, business development and Private Equity business. J.
Zielasek has had a cooperation with the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland for the last
ten years. He developed a tool for customer value management based on research of the
Institute for marketing and commerce, which was implemented with several large scale
companies in consulting projects.
Natasha Waite has 20 years in Customer Service experience. In 2003, Ms. Waite started
with a company that served to set up Nevada corporations. In this time, she has personally
assisted in setting up over 10,000 Nevada corporations and countless corporations in all
other states.
Natasha Waite has built a reputation on developing long term relationships with her clients
by assisting them with every step of their corporate needs from initial set up to ongoing
Norman Meier
1118 Kings Ave
West Vancouver, BC V7T 2C3
Created on: 08-JUN-11
Expires on: 08-JUN-12
Last Updated on: 26-AUG-11
Administrative, Technical Contact:
1118 Kings Ave
West Vancouver, BC V7T 2C3
Aurum, Stratos, Allegra, Sirius

Published Author (copied from Brian Tracy)
Notice the comments from Natasha Waite, Philippe
Wagner and Thomas Jandt (works at the same location as
Athena Capital Partners was)
Here he mentions the “Wylie Foundation”

He made $ 100’000 a month, yes with all those companies and
their agreements and management fees, so basically he was
paid investors’ money that never went into projects.

On his website (which is now
being updated) he has a program for sale about Self
Confidence, if you google the text you can see that he
copied from Brian Tracy’s book “Power of Self-

Brian Tracy’s Book Power of Self Confidence
Wylie Foundation (non registered charity)
Again this was on his website
(which is being updated)
Clive Massey – Tecton – Condor Gold – Windfire – Refco
Minerals – Aviara Mining

Norman Meier – Damage Control – and purchased reviews
on Merchant Circle and Wallet Hub
As Norman Meier noticed that he is being asked to come forward and admit the truth by
supplying evidence and clarification he went on a “PR” mission and wrote on blogs,
forums and even made his co-worker Jakob Ogdahl post a letter for him.
And the most interesting fact is that Norman Meier must have activated or paid a service
to write FAKE reviews about him and his “Seminars” on Merchant Circle, Wallet Hub
etc. The reason why one could assume that they are fake is due to the exact same
people writing reviews also on other companies sites. These people are not real they
have a name a picture and someone who pays money will get the same face and name
for their companies review. Check out for yourself…

William W. (from Illinois who took Norman Meier’s
Seminar) also made comment for Northwest Nasal & Sinus
Nicole H. (from Illinois) wrote a review for Northwestern
Nasal & Sinus, Auto Body Experts USA llc, Norman Meier
International, 19 Breeders
Andy Mc C. (From Fresno CA) also wrote a comment for
Northwestern Nasal & Sinus, Auto Body Experts USA llc,
Norman Meier International Inc. and 19 Breeders
This is also interesting because this Norman Meier “The
Catalyst” isn’t even Norman Meier himself, yet his paid
comments come up under a wrong “Norman Meier”
because it’s an automated possibly paid service….
And some more comments about Norman V. Meier

Here are the several letters he posted all over the internet:

Norman Meier has many Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+
accounts, this may be to confuse people as to which one
is really his…
Norman Meier
Mahagoni Investment, Business Consultant for Hair Salons, Miascara Business Consultant –
MBC, Manjeet Business Consultant….
Norman Meier
Worked at: Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Studied at: National University – Carlsbad, California
Lives in: Carlsbad, New Mexico
Norman Meier
Studied at: Newport University USA
Lives in? Las Vegas, Nevada
Norman Meier:
Worked at: FINRA
Studied at: Newport University (California)

Norman Meier Google +
One can assume that this one could be his real one
because “Sharon Zielasek former Joerg Zielasek” is in his
This is just another one….
FBC Holdings – Wave Uranium
This goes back a while, Wave Uranium with Jordan
( is being updated and most likely
will not reflect the same information as here once it is
The Wylie Foundation is a charity that helps animals in need. It supports other organizations
and has its own individual projects. The main focus lies on helping cats and dogs but all
animals in need will be helped.
Make a Donation for Animal Charities
Animals in need cannot ask for help. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people that hurt,
torture or kill animals for no reason. Others try to exploit animals and mistreat them right.
Some animals don’t get the attention or help that they should get. In some countries they are
neglected and multiply with no control under the worst conditions.
Some companies in America still sell puppies in malls. Those dogs have to stand and sleep on
metal grids and do not get the social interaction that they would need to develop properly.
There are a lot of reasons to help animals!
I have decided that I will help animals in need because that is where my heart lies.
“Wylie”, my late dog, was the love of my life. At only seven years of age he died of cancer. In
his honor I have decided to create a charity to help animals.
Making money and being successful can be a wonderful thing. However, you can only be
fulfilled in your life if you do something good in the world. This world has provided me with a lot
of abundance. And now it is time to give something back to the world.
10% of the earnings of all products sold on this website will be directly donated to the
Wylie Foundation.
Norman Meier asks for donation on his website for his animal foundation, however this
foundation is nowhere registered or to be found. Where does that money go to?
Norman Meier’s Blog
If you go check out it may still be “updating” since he was exposed
online about his fake books and fake charity, however we have screen shots of his old site.

Private Life, Norman Meier and Ursula Burrell
Norman V. Meier also wrote in his book “Start Your Own Business and Live Your Dream: Become a
Self-Made Millionaire”. His dedication to his father:
This book is dedicated to my father Prof. Dr. Eddie Meier.
Thanks for not being a regular nine-to-five guy and teaching me early on in life what it takes to become
a successful person. Your unconventional way of thinking and living has taught me to be courageous in
all situations in life. I admire your unbreakable believe in your vision and no matter what happens, you
will always be my hero. I could not have wished for a better father.
This book has the power to change your life forever . . . In less than two and a half years, Norman Meier,
has become a self-made millionaire with his own business, earned over $100,000 per month and took
two companies public that were valued at over $300 million in the stock market. He has started and built
several businesses from the ground up and raised millions of dollars for his business ideas and start-ups.
In this book he will teach you his secrets, his knowledge and mental attitude so you can do the same. He
will help you to find the business that is right for you, how to make it work like no one has shown you
before and how the power of Private Equity (raising capital for your business) can make you a
millionaire. You will learn how to start your own business and how to make it successful so that you can
live the life that you have always dreamed about.
And his acknowledgements:
Natasha Waite, family Zielasek, his children Jackson,
Charlise and Emerson and his love of his life Ursula
Swiss Equity Trust – LEAP Institute
Swiss Wealth Partners
From or his book, he says thank to Joerg
Eddie Meier / Dr. Edwin Meier / Edwin Meier
If Norman Meier is the son of the so called Prof. Dr. Edwin (Eddie) Meier, from Switzerland
than you should really stay away from him. His father (Eddie) claims to be a Professor which is
not true at all. His Business School (Swiss Management Academy AG) is almost bankrupt and
does not exist anymore. The only thing that works in his environment is the school in Kenya.
Both use to write books on health and personal management, while they are totally broke. Stay
away from this people. If you don’t trust me, just make a search in Google of yahoo and you
will understand.
SMA – Swiss Management Academy – Prof. Dr. Edwin (Eddie) Meier

Edwin Meier wrote a book with Georg Neuf
And Georg Neuf has been sanctioned by FINMA in Switzerland
This just shows what kind of people Edwin Meier collaborates with.
Edwin Meier involved with PWM AG – here is an article about the case.
Eddie Meier taught Norman Meier early on in life how to scam people and take their money, move to
another country and start a new scam.
SMA – Swiss Management Academy and Newport University connection
Moneyhouse confirms that Switzerland Campus of Newport University USA has Edwin Meier as a
Newport University Switzerland was the institution (owned and operated by his father Edwin Meier and
George Kuenzli, his long time friend) that issued Norman V Meier his MBA and PhD in Human
Behaviour (Dr. Edwin Meier and Dr. George Kuenzli also have a PhD in Human Behaviour)
Norman V. Meier, George Kuenzli and Edwin Meier have all Phd’s from the same institution and are
criticized for it, if they would want to set the records straight why not make their dissertation public to
SMA – Swiss Management Academy
Connections to SMA (Swiss Management Academy Inc.) and how Dr. Norman Meier got his
PhD, MBA and BA all in 3 years while working full time.
SMA belongs to Norman Meier’s father Dr. Edwin Meier. SMA formerly known as Newport
graduate school issued all Norman’s certificates. Norman Meier got his PhD, MBA and BA
from his father.
NGS Newport Graduate School AG (NGS Newport Graduate School SA) (NGS Newport Graduate School Ltd), bisher in St. Gallen,
Firma Neu: SMA Swiss Management Academy AG. Uebersetzungen der
Firma Neu: (SMA Swiss Management Academy SA) (SMA Swiss Management Academy LTD).
Sitz Neu: Dübendorf.
Eingetragene Personen neu oder mutierend: Meier Prof. Dr. Edwin, von Bülach, Bassersdorf, Präsident, mit Einzelunterschrift [bisher:
Meier, Edwin, in St. Gallen, Mitglied];
Georg Künzli, MCT Management Consulting & Training, in Thalwil, Revisionsstelle.
He holds an MBA and a Ph.D. in Human Behavior, Concentration in Business
Management, from Newport University in California.
(Dr. George Kuenzli)
Most recent Edwin Meier and George Kuenzli collaboration
SMA Switzerland went bankrupt and out of business.
On NV Annual Report you can see that SMA was registered by Norman Meier in 2006
Some interesting facts:
Hemis Corporation’s official first address was Neuhofstrasse 8 in Duebendorf Switzerland.
The following companies were also at the same address:
**SMA (Swiss Management Academy Inc.)
**Westpark Sports Academy (to this date)
*Sedona AG
*Tecton Corp.
*Stratos Gold
Norman Meier International (to this date)
(*all Norman Meier registered companies)
(** Norman Father Edwin Meier’s company)

Aurum Resources

Please find enclosed some information about the following companies and their CEO’s,
Secretaries, Directors and more. HiQ has changed their name to Absolutely Special Trades.
Which has nothing whatsoever to do with investment or consulting, check it out:
NV Annual Report:
Status: Active File Date: 11/12/2010
Entity Type: Domestic Corporation File Number: E0545872010-7
Annual List
Due: 11/30/2012 List Fees
Due: $125.00 (Estimate)
Agent:, Inc.
5348 Vegas Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89108
No Par
Shares: 0 Capital
Amount: $75,000.00
Sharon Zielasek
2647 Gateway Rd. Ste. 105-555
Carlsbad, CA 92009
Natasha Waite
2647 Gateway Rd. Ste. 105-555
Carlsbad, CA 92009
Sharon Zielasek
2647 Gateway Rd. Ste. 105-555
Carlsbad, CA 92009
Norman Meier
2647 Gateway Rd. Ste. 105-555
Carlsbad, CA 92009
Joerg Zielasek (is now Sharon Zielasek) Sharon Zielasek
Geschäftsführer HiQ Consulting:
Jörg Zielasek
Tel. +41 79 479 44 53
Source (may be old or deleted):
Website (no longer or never existed):
Special Trade website:
NV Annual Report for Joerg Zielasek
Name Entity Name File Number Status Entity Type
Joerg Zielasek American Incorporation
Services Inc
E0386772011-3 Active Domestic Profit Corporation
Joerg Zielasek Hiq Consulting, Inc. E0545872010-7 Active Domestic Profit Corporation
Joerg Zielasek Hiq Consulting, Inc. E0545872010-7 Active Domestic Profit Corporation
Joerg Zielasek Hiq Consulting, Inc. E0545872010-7 Active Domestic Profit Corporation
Joerg Zielasek Hiq Consulting, Inc. E0545872010-7 Active Domestic Profit Corporation

XBF Xperteam Business Finance AG


Richard Wendler for Monte Cristo Oil and United
Petroleum Partners Corp.
Norman V. Meier’s family connection: His wife’s (Ursula Burrell-Meier) stepsister’s partner is
Richard Wendler.

Monte Cristo Oil (
Spartan – Island Stock Transfer – Micah Eldred – Tecton
Swissalis Group AG – Swiss Partners Group
Norman Meier’s first boiler room was Swissalis Group AG
than he opened Athena Capital Partners later in Carlsbad.

United Oil and Gas

Westbridge Oil and Gas

Shrink Nano Technologies
Philippe P Wagner
– Lion Consulting Group
– Westbridge Oil and Gas
– Tristar Energy
– Benk Finance
– PW Consulting
Tristar Energy Group Inc
Registered Agent: Joerg Zielasek
Principals: Natasha Waite and Philippe Wagner
Benk Finance AG
I won’t get into the details of Benk Finance AG, however if you google it you will find a lot of
interesting articles.

Lion Consulting Group
Lion Consulting Group
We are in the early stages of developing our business, which offers a variety of services for business owners, depending on
their specific business needs. These services include business and marketing plan preparation, financial search and
procurement, management development and human resources advising. We plan to focus on offering our services to start-up
businesses, preferably in the earlier stages of operation. We currently have no revenues, operating history, and no customers
or revenues for our business consulting services. Our plan of
operations over the 12 month period following successful completion of our offering is to gain support for our concept to
then raise additional financing to commence with our operations. We anticipate that we will not be able to offer our services
for at approximately 6 months from the date hereof, assuming successful completion of this offering.
Initially, we are focusing on providing our services to the energy sector, mainly oil and gas companies with operations in the
southern US states. The past experience of our sole officer and director, Philippe Wagner, is with Aeon Group in a position
working with and advising companies in this sector on evaluating projects. Mr. Wagner has approximately 10 years of
business and marketing plan preparation and financial search and procurement and human resources advising. We plan to
provide services to both United Oil and Gas Corp. and Tristar Energy Group Inc., both companies of which are affiliated with
Mr. Wagner; however, we do not have an agreement in place with United Oil Gas Corp. or Tristar Energy Group Inc. to
provide services to these entities.
To date, we have only completed a business plan along the logo for our brand. We do not currently have a website, though we
plan to develop one that is functional and will ultimately serve as the primary method to promote our company, our current
and planned services, and gain feedback on our commercial services offerings.
During the next 12 months, we plan to:
* Find investors to be fully financed;
* Set up office infrastructure; and
* Set up website and create marketing material, forms, corporate stationary and business cards
Within the first 12 months, we intend to:
 Be fully operational;
* Expand network of specialized consultants;
* Evaluate countries and cities for additional branches of operation; and
* Evaluate financing options to fund expansion.
Mr. Wagner has served as our President, Secretary and as our sole Director, since February 6, 2012. From 2006 to 2011, Mr.
Wagner was Managing Partner at Aeon Group, in Zurich, Switzerland, where he was responsible for consulting, corporate
structuring, project management and providing financial advisory services to both private and public companies. Mr. Wagner
currently serves as an officer a director for two private, US-based oil and gas companies, United Oil and Gas Corp. (“United
Oil”) and CEO of Tristar Energy Group Inc. (“Tristar”), both of which have projects in the US. Mr. Wagner became Chief
Executive Officer and Director at Tristar in July 2011, and he became President and a Director at United Oil in February
2012. At both companies, Mr. Wagner is responsible for prospect evaluation, plus acquisition and development. Mr. Wagner
attended the University of St. Gallen, located in Switzerland, from 1991 to 1993, and the GSBA School of Business
Administration, also located in Switzerland, from 1996 to 1998, where he earned a BBA (Bachelor of Business
Administration). Mr. Wagner’s entrepreneurial desire and background advising businesses led to our conclusion that Mr.
Wagner should be serving as a member of our Board of Directors in light of our business and structure.
Mr. Wagner currently devotes approximately 5 hours per week to company matters. Subsequent to successful completion of
this Offering, Mr. Wagner will devote approximately 20 to 40 hours per week to company matters, and the balance of this
with other positions he holds at other entities.
Mr. Wagner is not an officer or director of any reporting company that files annual, quarterly, or periodic reports with the
United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
Lion Consulting Group Inc. (the “Company” or “we”) was incorporated in the State of Delaware on February 6, 2012 and has
a fiscal year end of March 31. We are a development stage Company. Implementing our planned business operation is
dependent on our ability to raise approximately $100,000.
Going Concern
To date the Company has little operations and no revenues, and consequently has incurred recurring losses from
operations. No revenues are anticipated until we complete the financing described in our Registration Statement on Form S-
1, as amended (File No. 333-181624;; the “January 2013 Form S-1”) and declared effective by the Securities and Exchange
Commission on January 23, 2013, and implement our initial business plan. The ability of the Company to continue as a
going concern is dependent on raising capital to fund our business plan and ultimately to attain profitable
operations. Accordingly, these factors raise substantial doubt as to the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern.
Our activities have been financed primarily from the proceeds of share subscriptions. From our inception to March 31, 2013,
we raised a total of $48,000 from private offerings of our common stock.
The Company plans to raise additional funds through debt or equity offerings. There is no guarantee that the Company will
be able to raise any capital through this or any other offerings.
Our sole officer and director, Philippe Wagner, works 8 months per year from Switzerland and 4 months per year from the
US. Mr. Wagner intends to relocate to the US permanently in 2013. The Company is not required to register as a foreign
company in Switzerland because it will have no business operations in Switzerland.
We are not incorporated in Switzerland and there is no general principle requiring us to register with any authority in
Switzerland. Accordingly, we should not be liable for Swiss corporation taxation unless we carry on business through a
permanent establishment in Switzerland. From a Swiss tax perspective, a permanent establishment is a fixed place of business
through which a company performs business activities that are considered as being quantitatively and qualitatively significant
by the tax authorities, and may include a branch, office, agency or place of management. As of the date of this prospectus, we
intend to operate in such a manner so that will not carry on business through a permanent establishment in Switzerland. If we
were to be treated as carrying on business in Switzerland through a branch or agency or of having a permanent establishment
in Switzerland, our results of operations could be materially adversely affected.
Currently, all of our assets are either located or controlled in Switzerland. Philippe Wagner, our sole office and director, also
resides in Switzerland. This is likely to remain so for at least the next 12 months. Therefore, any investor that attempts to
enforce liabilities against us or against Mr. Wagner that accrue under U.S. federal or state laws will face the difficulty of
complying with laws in Switzerland, with regards to enforcement of judgments from US federal or state courts. This could
make it impracticable or uneconomic to enforce such liabilities.
Our financial statements from inception on February 6, 2012 through our first fiscal period ended March 31, 2013 report no
revenues and a net loss of $(6,951). Our independent auditor has issued an audit opinion for our Company which includes a
statement expressing substantial doubt as to our ability to continue as a going concern.
We are in the process of contacting market makers to ask that one or more apply to have our shares of common stock quoted
on the OTC Electronic Bulletin Board (“OTCBB”). The OTCBB is a regulated quotation service that displays real-time
quotes, last sale prices and volume information in over-the-counter securities. The OTCBB is not an issuer listing service,
market or exchange. Although the OTCBB does not have any listing requirements to be eligible for quotation on the OTCBB,
issuers must remain current in their filings with the SEC. Market makers are not permitted to begin quotation of a security of
an issuer that does not meet this requirement.
The Transfer Agent for our common stock is Island Stock Transfer at 15500 Roosevelt Boulevard, Suite 301, Clearwater,
Florida 33760, and their telephone number is (727) 289-0010.
Our principal executive offices are located at Seestrasse 129, 8704
Herrliberg, Switzerland. Our phone number is (940) 604-6214.
Tel: *044 915 30 00
Harvard Business Services, Inc. 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Delaware 19958 Tel: (302) 645-
Location: 16192 COASTAL HIGHWAYLEWES, DE 19958
Tom Kluck for SEC and Thomas E. Puzzo for Lion
Consulting Group
Company response: On page 19, the Company has added the text, “; however, we do not
have an agreement in place with United Oil Gas Corp. or Tristar Energy Group Inc. to
provide services to these entities.”
Company has clarified that is not required to register as a foreign company in
Switzerland because it will have no business operations in Switzerland.
COMPANY RESPONSE: As the Company mentioned in response to comment number 6, the
Company has deleted the text which states: “The Company has deleted the text,
“($600,000 to hire 6 consultants)” on page 25.
Callahan Oil Field – Red Horse Project – All have the same project
Former Hemis and Tecton Geologist, Douglas Oliver speaks out after being attacked on rip off
report. One could assume that Sandra Heigel2 is Norman Meier himself as well as the
Consumer who has written a review in very bad English.

Norman V. Meier is one of many and the best way to protect yourself is to do your research
and also educate yourself on how to detect such scams, frauds and pump and dumps. Here is
some information?

Finance Fraud, White Collar Crime

Start your own business and live your dream (by Norman V. Meier)

The following are excerpts from Norman V. Meier’s book “Start your own business and live your dream”. Norman V. Meier explains in detail how to skim/embezzle money from your own company without making the investors aware of it.


Promotion of your stock: a fast track to becoming rich

What is stock promotion? Once a company is listed on an exchange you can initiate a promotion program to make your stock more known. The goal is to create a lot of attention so that new investors will buy your stock via their broker. This will create a lot of volume in your title.

Without any new buyers your stock will not be actively traded and nothing happens. There is no point in having a public company if no one knows that it exists. There are over 13`000 listed companies in the US and you need to do something that brokers and investors will be attracted to your title.

There are a number of marketing strategies that you can use to create market awareness. Things like newsletters to potential investors, research reports or online presence in stock portals are just a few to mention.

The main goal of a promotional program is to sell your or the company’s shares. Typically, a company hires a promoter that is the only person with free trading shares. The promoter has for example 10 million shares available and initiates a marketing program. Usually, he has a lot of contacts of potential buyers or lists of people that are interested in buying new issues. He puts the company in the best light possible and sends out marketing material to those potential buyers. The buyers get interested and put in orders through their brokers to buy yours shares. Since you or the promoter are the only people who are sellers you sell your positions to new investors.

I have seen many promoters that were able to sell ten or even twenty million shares between $2 and $4 per share and make millions like that in a few months only.

The company releases news releases every week and by showing that the price of the stock keeps going up and up it is able to attract more and more investors.

So if you are able to build a company, take it public and then be the only party that can sell, you can become very rich in a matter of days. If you are able to sell 10, 20 or 30 million shares in a few months between one and two dollars, then you are set for life!

Even if you are able to sell a few hundred thousand shares or a million in three months, this ca make you a lot of money.

Depending on your stock marketing budget, the quality of your company and therefore the daily average trading volume, you should be able to sell at least anywhere from 2000 to 5000 share per day without hurting the stock price.

Assuming that your average price per share is $1.00 that would result in $2000 to $5000 daily income. If you trade stock on 20 days in a month that could be up to $100,000 in one month!

You might not get a lot of approval from investors but you are allowed to do it. So that gives you a lot of freedom. Of course, with this kind of freedom you need to be aware that your financial statements are public knowledge because you have to file them every three months.

There are a few ways to make money:

  1. Salary: You can pay yourself a monthly salary. Example: $10,000 a month
  2. Bonus: You can have a plan and if the business reaches a certain milestone or goal, you will get a bonus. Example: $100,000
  3. Consulting services. You could hire a company that you or a friend of yours own to do consulting work for the company. Example: $5,000 a month.
  4. Expenses: If you need to travel a lot, you can charge your expenses to the company. These could be things like air travel, your car, your phone, hotels, etc. If you are actively traveling and doing things this could easily be $5,000 a month.
  5. If you hire a sales organization that gets a commission, you could work out a deal with them that you will get a certain percentage of each amount that is being raised.
  6. You sell a portion of your own share position to new investors. You could for example sell 200,000 shares for $0.50 that you originally paid $0.0001 for. This would give you and additional $100,000.
  7. Depending on your business, you could acquire a piece of land privately or through one of your companies and then sell it for a higher price to the company. The difference would be your profit.
  8. You can plan on selling a nice portion of your share position once your company goes public. You could for example sell 500,000 shares for $1 per share in the first month of going public.
  9. You could start and copy similar companies like the one that you have today and do the same thing all over again.

These are some great opportunities to make money before the company is public as long as you keep the best interests of the company at heart. Keep also in mind that if you can make your investors happy with the first.

Building your own sales organization to raise capital

Depending on your business model you might have built up a sales team that sells your products or services to clients. The sales that are generated help you to advance your business and therefore your company.

Besides getting money from financial companies, I would strongly suggest you build a second sales team who solely focuses on raising capital for your company.

When I first started my company, I actually had built up a separate company with 25 sales people who only contacted investors and raised capital for my deal. This sales organization became the driving force to finance my own deal and all they did all day was talking to potential investors. Because I owned this company, the sole purpose was to raise capital for my deal only and not for anybody else’s deal. With this sales organization, I was able to raise $10 million alone in the first year.

Depending on your jurisdiction, your sales people might have to be licensed by the local authorities and pass an exam. It is even possible that your sales organization might have to be licensed as a financial company. But the advantage of having a company that only raises capital for your deals is priceless. It can make all the difference.

Your sales people will get paid a 10% commission from the money that they have raised themselves. The business basically finances itself based on the amount of money that you raise.

Even though this is a business on its own, you should look for a great sales manager who can run this business.



The text above is from Norman V. Meier’s book “Start Your Own Business and Live Your Dream: Become a Self-Made Millionaire”.

There are a lot more tips in this book on how to embezzle money from investors. After reading his book I have realized that it wasn’t bad luck that investors lost their money by investing in one of Norman V. Meier’s many companies. Mr. Meier’s focus is clearly not on making the investors happy. His focus is only on how to maximize his personal profit and once he made enough money and the companies tank Norman V. Meier simply starts the whole scam all over again with new companies and new sales teams.

The simple fact that Mr. Norman V. Meier is still involved in scams like that means he wasn’t able to embezzle enough money yet in order to retire. Norman V. Meier has to be stopped to protect innocent people buying into his lies and lose their money.

Mr. Norman Victor Meier’s (aka Victor Burrell) latest scam involves the following companies:

  • International Financial Services ( doesn’t exist anymore after being exposed on “Ripoff Report”)
  • Internatioanl Financial Management ( doesn’t exist anymore after being exposed on “Ripoff Report”)
  • Westbridge Oil and Gas (website doesn’t exist anymore after being exposed on “Ripoff Report”)
  • Monte Cristo Oil (website doesn’t exist anymore after being exposed on “Ripoff Report”)
  • Tristar Energy (
  • United Oil and Gas (
  • United Petroleum Partners (no website yet)
  • Shrink Nanotechnologies (no website yet)

There are most likely more companies set up by Norman Meier, Philippe Wagner and Natasha Waite which try to push their worthless shares onto innocent investors.


Watch the following video on YouTube in which Norman V. Meier tries to promote his book “Start your own business and live your dream”:

Finance Fraud, White Collar Crime

International Financial Services (IFS) and International Financial Management (IFM) by Norman Victor Meier (Victor Burrell, Victor Meier and variations)

Please be advised that IFS International Financial Services is another sales center created by Norman Victor Meier (Victor Burrell-Meier). He even used the same website template that was also used for his former Athena Capital Partners company (which was censured by FINRA in 10/2011). Norman Victor Meier has a track record of fraudulent business ventures, such as “boiler rooms” and “pump and dump” ventures. Swissalis in Switzerland (from 2005 – 2008) was his first sales center. Shares of ventures that were sold through Swissalis were from Hemis Corporation, Tecton Uranium, Aurum, Allegra, Sirius, Monte Cristo etc. Hemis had over $24 million dollar in losses and the rest of his companies (and their spin offs) were complete failures too. After all went downhill and he no longer had employees nor clients he packed his bags and moved with his new American girlfriend at the time to California.

Shortly after his move he masterminded another operation called Athena Capital Partners and sold via several brokers that worked for him shares of other companies that he owned or was on the board of directors, such as Windfire Capital Corp, Refco Minerals, Aviara Mining, Condor Gold etc. It was a very shady set up, he plastered on every website and internet page that he was the CEO and President of Athena Capital Partners, however if one investigated more a man named Kevin Cimino and Joerg Zielasek were the owners of Athena Capital Partners. Joerg Zielasek is a personal friend of Norman Victor Meier.

After he started hiring all his broker-boys and distributed his marketing material all over the world (mostly Europe), FINRA censured Athena Capital Partners because it had accumulated debt of over $4 million dollars and discovered that they didn’t use escrow accounts for investor’s money. Ever since November 2011 Norman Victor Meier was on the down low and started using other names such as “Victor Burrell” (Burrell being his wife’s maiden name). He opened new companies that explore oil and gas (instead of gold and uranium like his old ones), such as Westbridge Oil & Gas, Tristar Energy, United Oil & Gas, Monte Cristo Oil, United Petroleum Partners and most likely more. As soon as his new ventures were exposed online he took down the corresponding websites or created a new one just with a different domain name. For the longest time one could follow his ventures by checking what Natasha Waite and her American Incorporation Services also known as Nevada Business Experts (which is also Norman Meier’s company) to see if something new had been incorporated. Systematically one could follow their next move, including Joerg Zielasek (who is now Sharon Zielasek), Philippe Wagner and Richard Wendler. They constantly used the following address in Las Vegas: 1406 Santa Margarita St. Unit D, which is a 2 bed 2 bath apartment that was recently advertised for rent for over 30 days. As soon as they are exposed they search another rat hole to crawl into. It took a little while to piece the puzzle pieces together and figure out that a company named International Financial Services (IFS) is his new sales center (boiler room). He has new people working for him such as Jorg Huser who is trying to recruit German-speaking people to call from Carlsbad, California and sell shares to Germans, Austrians and Swiss. There are several websites that prove they were recruiting for Private Equity Brokers.

This year in July he used the same template, pictures, graphics and text from his Athena Capital Partners to create his IFS International Financial Services (

This time around his sales center is more ambitious having offices in Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt, Zurich and Carlsbad. Zurich address belongs to his friend Philippe Wagner; Carlsbad was his own address for HiQ and Google+ account. Hong Kong, London and Frankfurt are all virtual offices (see attached screen shots). On top of all, IFM International Financial Management has the EXACT same website as IFS, the only difference are the addresses of the different offices and that he has an office also in Dubai. (

This is his signature scheme, he creates projects, his sales center is hot and as soon as they cash in enough money it goes up in flames. He recruits inexperienced, gullible, unethical people that don’t care telling lies. He specifically states on his website that the projects and companies they select have nothing to do with his own companies, that they are companies selected that have been “overseen”, what a load of bull. He promotes his own companies and uses friends and family to stand in for him so his name doesn’t appear anywhere. They then promote those companies and he makes double the money, for his Oil companies and his sales center. This is a typical SCAM.

This man is scamming hard working Americans, Canadians, Germans, Swiss, Austrians and now many more according to his company’s locations.