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International Financial Services (IFS) and International Financial Management (IFM) by Norman Victor Meier (Victor Burrell, Victor Meier and variations)

Please be advised that IFS International Financial Services is another sales center created by Norman Victor Meier (Victor Burrell-Meier). He even used the same website template that was also used for his former Athena Capital Partners company (which was censured by FINRA in 10/2011). Norman Victor Meier has a track record of fraudulent business ventures, such as “boiler rooms” and “pump and dump” ventures. Swissalis in Switzerland (from 2005 – 2008) was his first sales center. Shares of ventures that were sold through Swissalis were from Hemis Corporation, Tecton Uranium, Aurum, Allegra, Sirius, Monte Cristo etc. Hemis had over $24 million dollar in losses and the rest of his companies (and their spin offs) were complete failures too. After all went downhill and he no longer had employees nor clients he packed his bags and moved with his new American girlfriend at the time to California.

Shortly after his move he masterminded another operation called Athena Capital Partners and sold via several brokers that worked for him shares of other companies that he owned or was on the board of directors, such as Windfire Capital Corp, Refco Minerals, Aviara Mining, Condor Gold etc. It was a very shady set up, he plastered on every website and internet page that he was the CEO and President of Athena Capital Partners, however if one investigated more a man named Kevin Cimino and Joerg Zielasek were the owners of Athena Capital Partners. Joerg Zielasek is a personal friend of Norman Victor Meier.

After he started hiring all his broker-boys and distributed his marketing material all over the world (mostly Europe), FINRA censured Athena Capital Partners because it had accumulated debt of over $4 million dollars and discovered that they didn’t use escrow accounts for investor’s money. Ever since November 2011 Norman Victor Meier was on the down low and started using other names such as “Victor Burrell” (Burrell being his wife’s maiden name). He opened new companies that explore oil and gas (instead of gold and uranium like his old ones), such as Westbridge Oil & Gas, Tristar Energy, United Oil & Gas, Monte Cristo Oil, United Petroleum Partners and most likely more. As soon as his new ventures were exposed online he took down the corresponding websites or created a new one just with a different domain name. For the longest time one could follow his ventures by checking what Natasha Waite and her American Incorporation Services also known as Nevada Business Experts (which is also Norman Meier’s company) to see if something new had been incorporated. Systematically one could follow their next move, including Joerg Zielasek (who is now Sharon Zielasek), Philippe Wagner and Richard Wendler. They constantly used the following address in Las Vegas: 1406 Santa Margarita St. Unit D, which is a 2 bed 2 bath apartment that was recently advertised for rent for over 30 days. As soon as they are exposed they search another rat hole to crawl into. It took a little while to piece the puzzle pieces together and figure out that a company named International Financial Services (IFS) is his new sales center (boiler room). He has new people working for him such as Jorg Huser who is trying to recruit German-speaking people to call from Carlsbad, California and sell shares to Germans, Austrians and Swiss. There are several websites that prove they were recruiting for Private Equity Brokers.

This year in July he used the same template, pictures, graphics and text from his Athena Capital Partners to create his IFS International Financial Services (

This time around his sales center is more ambitious having offices in Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt, Zurich and Carlsbad. Zurich address belongs to his friend Philippe Wagner; Carlsbad was his own address for HiQ and Google+ account. Hong Kong, London and Frankfurt are all virtual offices (see attached screen shots). On top of all, IFM International Financial Management has the EXACT same website as IFS, the only difference are the addresses of the different offices and that he has an office also in Dubai. (

This is his signature scheme, he creates projects, his sales center is hot and as soon as they cash in enough money it goes up in flames. He recruits inexperienced, gullible, unethical people that don’t care telling lies. He specifically states on his website that the projects and companies they select have nothing to do with his own companies, that they are companies selected that have been “overseen”, what a load of bull. He promotes his own companies and uses friends and family to stand in for him so his name doesn’t appear anywhere. They then promote those companies and he makes double the money, for his Oil companies and his sales center. This is a typical SCAM.

This man is scamming hard working Americans, Canadians, Germans, Swiss, Austrians and now many more according to his company’s locations.


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