Finance Fraud, White Collar Crime

Start your own business and live your dream (by Norman V. Meier)

The following are excerpts from Norman V. Meier’s book “Start your own business and live your dream”. Norman V. Meier explains in detail how to skim/embezzle money from your own company without making the investors aware of it.


Promotion of your stock: a fast track to becoming rich

What is stock promotion? Once a company is listed on an exchange you can initiate a promotion program to make your stock more known. The goal is to create a lot of attention so that new investors will buy your stock via their broker. This will create a lot of volume in your title.

Without any new buyers your stock will not be actively traded and nothing happens. There is no point in having a public company if no one knows that it exists. There are over 13`000 listed companies in the US and you need to do something that brokers and investors will be attracted to your title.

There are a number of marketing strategies that you can use to create market awareness. Things like newsletters to potential investors, research reports or online presence in stock portals are just a few to mention.

The main goal of a promotional program is to sell your or the company’s shares. Typically, a company hires a promoter that is the only person with free trading shares. The promoter has for example 10 million shares available and initiates a marketing program. Usually, he has a lot of contacts of potential buyers or lists of people that are interested in buying new issues. He puts the company in the best light possible and sends out marketing material to those potential buyers. The buyers get interested and put in orders through their brokers to buy yours shares. Since you or the promoter are the only people who are sellers you sell your positions to new investors.

I have seen many promoters that were able to sell ten or even twenty million shares between $2 and $4 per share and make millions like that in a few months only.

The company releases news releases every week and by showing that the price of the stock keeps going up and up it is able to attract more and more investors.

So if you are able to build a company, take it public and then be the only party that can sell, you can become very rich in a matter of days. If you are able to sell 10, 20 or 30 million shares in a few months between one and two dollars, then you are set for life!

Even if you are able to sell a few hundred thousand shares or a million in three months, this ca make you a lot of money.

Depending on your stock marketing budget, the quality of your company and therefore the daily average trading volume, you should be able to sell at least anywhere from 2000 to 5000 share per day without hurting the stock price.

Assuming that your average price per share is $1.00 that would result in $2000 to $5000 daily income. If you trade stock on 20 days in a month that could be up to $100,000 in one month!

You might not get a lot of approval from investors but you are allowed to do it. So that gives you a lot of freedom. Of course, with this kind of freedom you need to be aware that your financial statements are public knowledge because you have to file them every three months.

There are a few ways to make money:

  1. Salary: You can pay yourself a monthly salary. Example: $10,000 a month
  2. Bonus: You can have a plan and if the business reaches a certain milestone or goal, you will get a bonus. Example: $100,000
  3. Consulting services. You could hire a company that you or a friend of yours own to do consulting work for the company. Example: $5,000 a month.
  4. Expenses: If you need to travel a lot, you can charge your expenses to the company. These could be things like air travel, your car, your phone, hotels, etc. If you are actively traveling and doing things this could easily be $5,000 a month.
  5. If you hire a sales organization that gets a commission, you could work out a deal with them that you will get a certain percentage of each amount that is being raised.
  6. You sell a portion of your own share position to new investors. You could for example sell 200,000 shares for $0.50 that you originally paid $0.0001 for. This would give you and additional $100,000.
  7. Depending on your business, you could acquire a piece of land privately or through one of your companies and then sell it for a higher price to the company. The difference would be your profit.
  8. You can plan on selling a nice portion of your share position once your company goes public. You could for example sell 500,000 shares for $1 per share in the first month of going public.
  9. You could start and copy similar companies like the one that you have today and do the same thing all over again.

These are some great opportunities to make money before the company is public as long as you keep the best interests of the company at heart. Keep also in mind that if you can make your investors happy with the first.

Building your own sales organization to raise capital

Depending on your business model you might have built up a sales team that sells your products or services to clients. The sales that are generated help you to advance your business and therefore your company.

Besides getting money from financial companies, I would strongly suggest you build a second sales team who solely focuses on raising capital for your company.

When I first started my company, I actually had built up a separate company with 25 sales people who only contacted investors and raised capital for my deal. This sales organization became the driving force to finance my own deal and all they did all day was talking to potential investors. Because I owned this company, the sole purpose was to raise capital for my deal only and not for anybody else’s deal. With this sales organization, I was able to raise $10 million alone in the first year.

Depending on your jurisdiction, your sales people might have to be licensed by the local authorities and pass an exam. It is even possible that your sales organization might have to be licensed as a financial company. But the advantage of having a company that only raises capital for your deals is priceless. It can make all the difference.

Your sales people will get paid a 10% commission from the money that they have raised themselves. The business basically finances itself based on the amount of money that you raise.

Even though this is a business on its own, you should look for a great sales manager who can run this business.



The text above is from Norman V. Meier’s book “Start Your Own Business and Live Your Dream: Become a Self-Made Millionaire”.

There are a lot more tips in this book on how to embezzle money from investors. After reading his book I have realized that it wasn’t bad luck that investors lost their money by investing in one of Norman V. Meier’s many companies. Mr. Meier’s focus is clearly not on making the investors happy. His focus is only on how to maximize his personal profit and once he made enough money and the companies tank Norman V. Meier simply starts the whole scam all over again with new companies and new sales teams.

The simple fact that Mr. Norman V. Meier is still involved in scams like that means he wasn’t able to embezzle enough money yet in order to retire. Norman V. Meier has to be stopped to protect innocent people buying into his lies and lose their money.

Mr. Norman Victor Meier’s (aka Victor Burrell) latest scam involves the following companies:

  • International Financial Services ( doesn’t exist anymore after being exposed on “Ripoff Report”)
  • Internatioanl Financial Management ( doesn’t exist anymore after being exposed on “Ripoff Report”)
  • Westbridge Oil and Gas (website doesn’t exist anymore after being exposed on “Ripoff Report”)
  • Monte Cristo Oil (website doesn’t exist anymore after being exposed on “Ripoff Report”)
  • Tristar Energy (
  • United Oil and Gas (
  • United Petroleum Partners (no website yet)
  • Shrink Nanotechnologies (no website yet)

There are most likely more companies set up by Norman Meier, Philippe Wagner and Natasha Waite which try to push their worthless shares onto innocent investors.


Watch the following video on YouTube in which Norman V. Meier tries to promote his book “Start your own business and live your dream”:


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